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The Miss Tourism World Organisation (MTWO) believes that tourism is the key to bringing the world together. We are committed to achieve better tourism for everyone, everywhere.

MISS TOURISM®, MISS GREAT BRITAIN® and MISS TOURISM® WORLD TOUR provide women who become Tourism Ambassadors for their country to participate annually in an international event to celebrate, promote and boost tourism. Miss Tourism World Organisation’s global community unites together in the chosen Host Country to celebrate the world’s oldest running tourism pageant, Miss Tourism World.


MTWO encourages women of all cultural backgrounds to symbolise their fashion and beauty highlighting confidence wearing their National Costume, Evening Gown and Swimsuit. MTWO have hosted in 4 continents, where each contestant is also competing for the chance to win their countries Continent title.


All contestants and title holders within Miss Tourism World system gain the role of Tourism Ambassador. They construct their own Tourism Video which is played at Miss Tourism World Final where they become public figures and role models to improve and celebrate tourism within the world.


MTWO continue to make history, from boosting tourist arrivals by 30% in Zimbabwe in 2005, attracting Presidential Visits in Equatorial Guinea in 2014 and Tanzania in 2006 and receiving the Tourism Expo gold award. Miss Tourism World competition continues to make profit and significantly influence for the host countries’ economy that we work with each year.


MTWO highlights the importance of boosting Tourism through symbolising beauty within the Contestants. Miss Tourism World Final provides worldwide exposure for the Host Country’s tourism and investment opportunities, generates foreign currency and gives back to the community by marketing the Host Country as a preferred domestic, worldwide and safe tourism destination. The contestants influence a positive change through their international platform and belief; achieving better tourism for everyone, everywhere. 


Miss Tourism World Contestants can achieve the title of becoming,  MISS TOURISM WORLD AFRICA®, MISS TOURISM WORLD ASIA®, MISS TOURISM WORLD AMERICAS®, MISS TOURISM WORLD EUROPE® AND MISS TOURISM WORLD OCEANIA®.Winning a Continent Title is just as important as winning the title of Miss Tourism World as they are seen as inspiring for young people worldwide. A Continent Title presents a unique opportunity for Governments to present and promote national ideas or concepts to the young people of the Host Country.


MTWO emphasises all contestants’ wearing, designing and promoting their own National Costume. It is mandatory for all contestants to wear their National Costume. The ‘BEST NATIONAL COSTUME AWARD’ is won by one contestant at Miss Tourism World Final, which is believed to be the Symbol of Beauty.


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